St. Andew’s to host: Voices of Hope in Harmony benefit


Voices of Hope in Harmony

A concert of youth - a concert of hope – to benefit Haiti


Albany – St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 10 North Main Ave, is pleased to announce that on Saturday, April 17, at 6 p.m. they will host a concert and dinner to benefit the people of Central Haiti.


The Voices of Hope in Harmony: A Benefit Concert will feature youth voices from the College of St. Rose, students from the Capital Region, local musicians and members of the St. Andrew’s Choir. The youth choir’s performance will be directed by Richard Putorti. The youth choir, formed for this event, is made up of more than 16 past and current students of the College of St. Rose and their friends. They will be accompanied by Eric Ciarmello of the Eric Ciarmello quartet.  St. Andrew’s Choir will be under the direction of Choir Director Joseph Eppink.


The inspirational music to be performed has been chosen by the students as a means of offering hope to those in Haiti who have experienced loss and to inspire others to take action in offering relief. Songs will include: Who Will Speak, Instruments of Christ, and Set your Heart on the Higher Gifts.


Along with the live performance, the program will feature a taped performance by the youth choir of Christ the King Church of Lahoye, Haiti. The practice and performance was taped in early November of 2009.


After the concert, attendees are invited to take part in a dinner. This simple meal will feature a number of commonly served Haitian recipes.  Although, both the concert and the dinner are free to the public, and a good will offering will be requested from those who attend. In addition, a limited number of Haitian craft will be available for purchase following the concert.


Since the January earthquake that stuck Haiti, more than six hundred thousand of Haitians have fled the capital, Port au Prince and headed back to the relative safety of the central plateau. This has put a greater demand on the already strained resources of this impoverished section of Haiti. St. Andrews has joined in a mission partnership with the parish of Christ the King in Lahoye Haiti. Part of that mission is to support the health and well being of the community and the students of the St. Jacques School. To learn more about the St. Andrew’s Haiti Partnership visit our website at


For more information about the concert or about help you can help the people of Central Haiti call (518) 489 4747 or e-mail us at


Contact: Rob Lillpopp                 

Phone: 518-937-8206