A Note from our Team in Haiti May 29, 2011

Hello everyone,
All of the members of our team are happy and healthy. Our trip has been successful despite unforeseen obstacles. The solar project at LaHoye has been completed and the RPI Hydroponics project is being completed on a smaller scale. We have continued to strengthen our relationships. I believe that we earned a new found respect when we worked very hard for two solid days to complete the project at LaHoye. The individuals from RPI learned a great deal about Haiti and the lives of the people in the real rural areas of the central plateau. We have found an IMMEDIATE NEED. With the rainy season, CHOLERA has returned with a vengeance. People in all six parishes have been infected and three people from the parish in La Hoye died last week. THEY NEED WATER FILTERS AND DISINFECTANT TABLETS NOW. The parishes are using the water filters we sent them and they work well. There are three issues: 1. Some families live far away from the school/church. When they need water right away they will sometimes go to another source. 2. When a person becomes infected, they have nowhere to go other than return to their home. 3. Some people who become infected don't have enough money to get a ride to the clinic for treatment. Fr. Milor is speaking to the lay leaders about four things: 1. At those parishes that have a clean source of water, encourage the children to bring a jug to school to fill it it and bring it home. Unfortunately some schoos do not have a source of clean water at the school. 2. Develop rainwater collection systems with any materials that may be available. The amount of materials available varies depending on how remote the parish is. 3. As filters become available, distribute them to families in such a way that several families can share them. 4. There has been education about cholera, however since 90% of education is re-education and some families have not been reached, continue with education programs. Cholera was expected to increase with the rainy season however I did not expect this level of immediate need, with the probability that the problem will increase as the infection rate increases and the rainy season continues. As partners and as communities of God's children, we share triumphs and difficulties. We give thanks for the triumphs of the Haitian people in all they have done. We pray for them as they face yet another challenge. Faithfully from Haiti, Edge, Dave, Michael, Nelson and Yaroslava