Letter from Fr. Milor (July 2011)

The following is part of a letter from Fr. Jean Milor, the Priest in Charge of Christ the King Church and St. Jacques School in Lahoye Haiti. He is also the priest in charge of the six churches and school supported by the Empire Haiti Coalition. ---------------------------------------------- I hope the people of St. Andrew’s are well. I want to let you know all goes well at the school in Lahoye and we still have the canteen from World Vision for the children. We thank you for the additional funds to improve the canteen, it now includes beans and sauce. The new kitchen is working and it makes it easier now that the rain has come. I know how you are all working hard to get support in order to help the people of Lahoye. It was wonderful to be with my friends in New York and to have Edge and the students visit in May. The work they did is already helping. We continue to fight cholera in all of my churches and look for you continued help. God’s blessing Fr. Milor