August in Haiti

Cindy Schmehl who runs, a member of the Empire Haiti Coalition sent this e-mail upon her return from Haiti this week. I'm just back as of 3:00 a.m. this morning. We had long delays leaving Port au Prince due to airport problems with flooding from yesterday's rainstorm. I'm a bit overwhelmed with mail and such as well as the Haiti experience. I'll bring photos to share. The celebration on Sunday was at Rantlamouaie and folks from all the parishes came. Franz from Lahoye played the guitar. Samuel from Corosse was there and said they need bibles too! (we purchased bibles for Rantlamouaie and presented them during mass). It was a wonderful showing of solidarity among the missions and worship. HOT and HUMID was the key word on this trip. This was the first time I actually had to change shirts during the day as I was completely drenched from sweat. Cholera numbers are way down for now, but could go up at any time. Our friends the cockroaches and tarantulas made a great appearance for our benefit! The Episcopal flags were proudly displayed and I heard that church membership is on the rise because people see HOPE for the future at our churches. Thank to our efforts, there is solar power, there are supplies, there will be clean water, there is love and friendship.....this is huge dear friends. As we struggle with the upcoming Action H2O event, raising money for our sites, etc. know that your efforts are not in vain--we are doing God's work. By attracting more people to the churches we bring more children to school. Those children are educated so that they can make better decisions in life ahead. There is a need to get young people to understand the importance of protected sex, family planning, and marriage. All these things can be taught through the church and the church schools. It's important. Right now, there are too many women trying to give their children away because they cannot care for them. (We witnesses this while there) The fathers of the children have simply walked away with no responsibility leaving the mother and the child or children in many cases to fend for themselves. Ah, there is so much to say. Please know how important your work is to the people of Haiti and how grateful they are for your help. Please stay tuned to this website, attend our event and give what you can. To donate or attend and event click here.