Haiti Mission Partnership update -Time to collect items to send to Haiti

Feb 2013 Lahoye1

Franz Flamand the Head Master and Lay Leader at St. Jacques School in Lahoye Welcome Kate Storms from St. Paul's Albany on her first trip to Lahoye.

Thanks to Empire Haiti Coalition, To Love a Child and students at RPI, the St. Andrew's - St. Paul's Haiti partnership with Christ the King parish in Lahoye Haiti, we will have an opportunity to ship a number of supplies to Haiti in May. The supplies will be loaded into a cargo container and shipped to Haiti. We have just received a list of supplies that Fr. Jean Milor and the lay leaders are hoping we can send. For the church they would like: electronic keyboard, 2 microphones, 1 electric guitar 2 speakers, a full set of drums, shirts, pants for the faithful of the church, new tennis sneakers and shoes. For the school they would like: metallic binders, glue for students, one photocopy machine, soccer balls, tennis sneakers for children, new toys for preschool students,  general school supplies for students and bikes for the teachers. (we have four and need two more) They still need uniforms for 150 students whose families cannot afford the $30 it will cost to buy them. It will costs each partner in the coalition a minimum of $500 to help defray the cost of shipping. Once the cargo container is emptied and the supplies distributed the container will be turned into a school for small children by RPI students at one of the parishes Fr. Milor serves. Last year the cargo container was turned into a medical clinic. If you would like to help donate items to the cause we will have two buckets set-up in the church or you if you wish to make a contribution you can give a check to St. Andrew's with "Haiti Mission Cargo" on the memo line or you can use a credit card at www.stashaitipartners.org/donate. If you would like to take an active part in our Haiti Partnership please contact Rob Lilpopp at roblillpop@aol.com. Thank YOU!!
Feb 2013 Lahoye2

A parent prepares a lunch for students using supplies sent in last years cargo container