Container of Supplies is Off to Haiti!

At 6:40 a.m. Friday, May 24 everything was in place!  The container was an estimated 8 tons!  It is now off to Haiti. On Wednesday evening, member of St. Andrew’s, St. Paul’s, To Love a Child, RPI and others from the Empire Haiti Coalition gathered at the RPI Technology Park to load the 20 foot long container with supplies for all of the six churches and schools the Coalition supports, plus some additional supplies for two orphanages and a homeless shelter.
The container once unload will become a daycare and early learning center. Member of the empire Haiti Coalition and RPI students that designed the daycare center will travel to Haiti in August to help distribute the supplies and complete the daycare center project. Thanks to the work done by the St. Andrew’s-St. Paul’s Partnership more than 250 notebooks, 6 water coolers, 600+ pens/pencils, a copier/printer, 5 bikes, tarps, microphones, music amps and various musical instrument are on their way to our partners in Lahoye. One very special item and the  last thing to be loaded in to the container was a wonderful drum set donate by Nancy Kelly’s son Peter an RPI grad. This item was one that we never thought we would find and It was nice to have Peter’s sister Laura there to help send it off. Many thanks to all who have help make this project such a success. One more very important note. The April Book Sale in the Shop, at 10 and 25 cents a book, raised nearly $400 for the Haiti partnership. They plan to expanded the number of these sales in the coming year from two to four!