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project19 Haiti Partnership Needs, Goals and Objectives for 2013 The Mission Team determined that based on the ever-changing economic and environmental conditions and our still growing experience with mission development in Haiti, that we should look to accomplish tasks that first support the daily operation and functioning of the St. Jacques School, its staff and students. At the same time, we would continue to develop and raise funds for our long-term objectives that include supporting the construction of a permanent school and church. The plan includes supporting a mission trip to Haiti or for Mr. Milor or lay leaders from Lahoye to visit St. Andrews in 2013. As with our own fiscal planning, we based our planning to support both operational and non-operational needs. $1 A DAY For HAITI will be the key fundraiser to acomplish these goals. To learn more about how you can help click here. Operational needs and Goals Teachers Salaries- Although long term we believe this is something the people of the Lahoye should support, with the stress brought on by the earthquake this is something that we must support for the school to survive. Our goal is to pay 80 percent of the teachers’ salaries for  2011, 2012 and 2013. We will have a sliding scale that decreases each year. This will give a greater ownership of the school to the Lahoye community. We will work with Fr. Milor with the goal of minimizing our funding for salaries and increasing other areas. The hope is that he can better concentrate his funds on the teacher salaries. Student Uniforms- With the increase in the number of students (100+) since the earthquake and the wear on the current uniforms, more are needed. Our goal is to provide funding for 200 more uniforms for 2013. School Supplies- This includes individual supplies for students and teachers, benches, black boards and prayer books and bibles. Our goal is to provide funding for textbooks, teacher supplies, sporting equipment, benches and other supplies in 2013. Christ the King discretionary funding – Given the ever changing needs of the Parish of The Holy Spirit in Lascahobas and Christ the King in Lahoye the team felt that Fr. Milor could use some funding to use at his discretion to support Christ’s work in Haiti. To that end, we have already provided him funding to buy a truck that supports the six parishes he oversees. Our goal is to provide him additional funding for 2013. Non-operational needs and Goals Improved Health – The major sources of illness and death of children in Haiti are preventable. A major objective is to improve the health of the children. The major cause of illness and death for younger children is water- borne disease. This can be reduced by 90% by a combination of pure water and hygiene education. We need to work with our partners to implement some inexpensive short term solutions to reduce the water - borne disease.project-20 The second area where we can have a major impact is by ensuring that there is a medical screening and vaccination program for the school. There are medical organizations in the area. Our goal is to develop a method to meet this need. The team expects that the most likely means of doing so is to work cooperatively with the medical organizations already in the area and assist with resources. This may include a mission trip in 2011 to provide personnel to assist. Water Supply - There is no water at the school for drinking or hygiene. Some children bring enough water to drink but not enough for hygiene issues. The nearest water is at the well, which is a half mile from the school. Tests showed some type of bacteria in the water. Our goal is to work with partners to get a well dug at the school/church location and potable water running by the end of 2013. Roof Repairs - The coconut frond roof is clearly not adequate. The roof on the main building leaks and needs replacement. For 2010,and 2011 we have provided Fr. Milor with money to replace the roof on the small school building and to repair some of the main school building. Our goal for 2013 is to provide funding to further repairs to the current school roof. School Food Program - The lunch program from World Vision was started late in the 2012 school year due to greater in in the larger cities. It s currently running and providing more than 350 student and some of their parents with one meal a day. Our goal is to work with Fr. Milor, Unik Flament and with World Vision directly to get the program running on a more consistent basis. We will set aside some funding to help with this project. We will fill in funding to meet the needs that do not come from other sources in order to get this project off the ground. Expand our Existing  Relationships and Developing  New ones with Organizations/People in Haiti - This will be a significant resource as we move forward. These groups may help provide planning, technical assistance, additional funds or supplies among others. This would include the Diocese of Haiti, Partners In Health, Project Medishare, World Vision, and Rotary International. We believe a significant amount of resources going to the central plateau with the goal of developing self-sustaining communities. Our goal is to coordinate with these agencies and assist the people of the Christ the King parish an the community of Lahoye  to become self-sustaining.

To Read the 2010-12 Haiti Partnership Implementation Plan click here.

We will have a 2013 -14 document posted shortly.  

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