Bring Water


The need for a clean water supply is perhaps Haiti’s greatest need.

Haiti's coverage levels in urban and rural areas are the lowest in the hemisphere for both water supply and sanitation. Sewer systems and wastewater treatment are nonexistent.

The major sources of illness and death of children in Haiti are preventable.A major objective is to improve the health of the children. The major cause of illness and death for younger children is water- borne disease. This can be reduced by 90% by a combination of pure water and hygiene education.We are working with our partners to implement a inexpensive short-term solutions to reduce the water - borne disease.

It’s our dream to see all Haitian families having access to clean water, but we know we can’t do it on our own.

We are currently looking to partner with local groups on the ground in Haiti that have a track record of success with well and water systems.

With your help, we hope to bring clean water to the people of Lahoye and the school of St. Jacque. The closest water supply to the school is more than a half mile away.

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