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web-image-2Our partnership is nothing without you. Much of the work being done in Haiti is being done by small groups like the St. Andrew's - St. Paul's Haiti Partnership. We work not to make major changes, but to take the funds we have and do the most we can for our friends in Haiti. They determine the priorities, and how best we can help them meet their needs. This is often done person to person, one project at a time. Moreover, it is getting results. We are in need of volunteers that are able to help promote our efforts, projects and ministries and engage in fund raising on our behalf. We only ask that you take a few moments of your time to help us get the word out. Please click on the "Promotional Material" links below, print out those resources, and share them with individuals, churches, schools and other organizations. You can do something as simple as send a message to your e-mail contacts or your facebook friends asking them to visit our web site. Every dollar we collect goes to help the people of Haiti's the Central Plateau. We thank you for your help.   book-sale-poster       how-you-can-help-poster   $1-A-Day for Haiti -poster-4 haiti-1-dollar-a-day-publication     haiti-partnership-publication   water-story-poster

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